Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and small businesses are the backbone of the Charlotte region’s economy – creating upward mobility and long-term investment.

  • North Carolina ranks #1 in Best States for Business by Forbes.
  • Ranked as #2 in highest growth rate for small businesses, the Charlotte region lays a foundation for access to opportunities for all – contributing to advanced business development.
  • Since 2012, the Charlotte region has seen a 193 percent growth in venture capital funding.
  • According to CBRE, Charlotte was the fastest growing tech talent metro in the country with 48,000 IT workers in the region and adding more than 21,000 tech talent jobs since 2011.
  • UNCC Ventureprise: Ventureprise operates in the new 96,000 square foot Portal Building on the campus of UNC Charlotte. The open atrium design provides an interactive environment for entrepreneurs who value interactions with fellow entrepreneurs and access to a research-rich community. The center offers private secure single offices, suites and multi office suites to accommodate varying workspace needs for startup and early growth stage ventures. Spaces are pre-wired for internet and telephone services, and can be rented furnished. Shared resources such as conference rooms, lobby and reception, kitchen, mail and video equipment make Ventureprise an efficient and cost-effective place for businesses.
  • Packard Place: Packard Place is the hub of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing skills and business opportunities in Charlotte. Serving as a community center for entrepreneurial activity in the heart of the city, it allows access to technology, education and hands-on assistance to help business partners and startups design, build, market, and deliver innovation and solutions.
  • HQ Charlotte at Packard Place is one of the largest startup hubs in U.S. Learn more
  • WeWork: WeWork’s shared workspaces in Charlotte are the business hubs of the future, helping make this world-class banking city even more dynamic. Between the beautiful weather and easy accessibility to the rest of the country, it’s no surprise that Charlotte has become such a rising business-base star. From microbreweries to biotech firms, Charlotte today is a hot spot for entrepreneurial activity, and that’s exactly the energy you’ll find in a WeWork space. Companies here master the art of the hustle, building relationships and helping each other along the way.
  • QC Fintech: Queen City Fintech selects fintech companies with technology or customer acquisition models strategically aligned with our banking partners. As such we maintain a ‘wide tent’ definition of fintech.
  • Carolinas Fintech Hub: Creating a robust environment for the Fintech community in the Carolinas is core to the Carolina Fintech Hub (CFH) mission. When we began talking about how to fulfill that objective, the operating committee kept coming back to the importance of creating a fabric that unifies the community and enables all stakeholders in the community a way to find and connect with local talent and companies. While physical, in person events are one way to do that, we felt strongly that the community must take a virtual form, too.
  • Abhishek Mehta talks about entrepreneurship in Charlotte. Watch video